no need to tune

i first saw this maybe a couple of years ago and was awe struck by how amazing it was, it may be old news now, but to some that havent seen it, ladies and gentlemen, i give you…. the gibson robot guitar
now at first glance this may look just like your normal beautiful gibson les paul guitar, but no, look closer, notice the small lights on the volume knob. the brains at gibson using the technology of the tronical powertune system have managed to come up with a guitar that has the ability to tune itself! its one of the coolest things, seeing the tuning keys turn all on their own, looks like your guitar is being tuned by a ghost.
apparently this isnt the first time this has been done, but as far as i can see it is the first readily available and un-invasive model and it certainly is the best looking. the model shown above is one of the original versions, the les paul, although it is now available in several different styles including a robot sg and a robot flying v.
amazingly the guitar can not only tune itself but it can use different styles of tuning too, like drop d, open e and down half step. this may be one of the greatest things i have ever seen, it wont be long until the guitars just play themselves and you just have to stand there and look bad ass.
if you want any more information about the gibson models, go here to their site and check it out.

the dark lens – cedric delsaux


combine two of my favourite things, great photographs and star wars and your in with an instant sure fire hit, well to me you are.

thats exactly what french photographer cedric delsaux did with his trilogy of photo sets known collectively as dark lens. over several years he took photographs in paris, lille and dubai, the combined his pictures of urban areas, contruction sites, delsolate environments and broken down buildings with iconic elements from the star wars franchise, cedric has created an absolutely stunning collection.

seeing how easily these two worlds collide fills me with so much excitement, i feel like a kid again dreaming that the ships and characters from the movies i grew up in awe of could in fact be a reality… maybe some day in a galaxy not to far away, who knows?

i could keep inserting images but why not go on over to his website and see them in full hi resolution glory

and i resisted the urge to finish by saying “may the force be with you”

olly moss: red, black and retro

while roaming around the vast internets you sometimes stumble on a complete gem, being a graphic designer alot of times i end up spending hours scolling through portfolios and galleries of other designers usually with my jaw wide open thinking why the hell didnt i think of that. this was one of those times.
olly moss is a graphic designer and illustrator born in the uk 1987, his films in black and red series and his retro video game covers are what caught my eye initially.  with his black and reds he creates movie posters using… black and red, pulling a single iconic element out of the film and recreating it using bold solid imagery and negative space
and then we have his retro video game covers, done using, once again solid colours and clever imagery all with a retro twist heading.
the greatness behind these pieces of art is that they are based on something you could have looked at 1000 times or more, its the simplicity of them. much more can be found at his website here or at his flickr page here.
to wet your appetite even more hers a few more of pieces from his site. enjoy.

i believe you have my stapler

i thought staples where just for holding bits of paper together, how wrong could i be…
check these guys out. three different artists with three very different imaginative ways of using the everyday staple.
first we have rob obrien a designer with a passion for staples, with two pieces of work, “linda” a protrait, and “drop”, a ripple in liquid piece created using 190,560 staples.
more can be found at his flickr page
second we have french artist baptiste debombourg and his piece of work “aggravure”, created using 35,000 staples and taking around 75 hours to complete this masterpiece is a monster
and last we have peter root with his amazing free standing city scape of staple towers known as “low rise”, i wouldnt have wanted to be the guy that nudged the base.
all it takes is a different way of looking at things

living in a blob


if this is the new mobile living space then i might be interested

this is blob vb3 from belgian architecture firm dvma, completed in 2009, it took 18 months to complete and is pretty much the coolest looking caravan i have ever seen. contructed mainly from polyester it comes complete with bathroom, kitchen, light, sleeping area and a shitload of storage space. almost completely self sufficient living environment, as long as there is a plug socket within reach although i guess you dont need electricity to scare the crap out of confused onlookers.
looking more like a ship from mork and mindy than a mobile home, the nose of the blob opens up to create a porch and i would love to see the caravaners faces when they wake up one morning to find this thing next to them. an addition of a window wouldnt have gone a miss but that might take away from the overall aesthetic of the thing. throw some flashing lights and a dry ice machine into this thing and im sold.

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