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Silence is golden, and hauntingly beautiful


anyone that knows me well will know i have a fascination with abandoned places, buildings, cities, parks, anything really. i find them incredibly beautiful, the fact that they used to be alive with the constant bustle of people and then for some reason, sometimes obvious, sometimes not so obvious, the people left, taking time with them, leaving these places to stand still forever. Continue Reading

noma bar visual awesomeness

i was recently bought two books for my birthday, one that i had seen and expressed an interest in and one that i hadn’t even heard of, these books where by a graphic designer by the name of noma bar, now i had only seen very brief section of one of the books and didn’t really know what to expect, what i got was like someone turning on a light and punching me in the face, the two books where “negative space” and “guess who”, both of these books are just incredible.

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