Friday, 8 April 2011

whats my name

recently ive seen a couple of these images crop up at various places on the internets and thought they where brilliant. created by a collective who go by the name dorothy, they describe themselves as a group of like minded individuals working on unlike minded ideas. 

they've created a series of paintings of famous logos but removed the type to leave just iconic graphic forms. its interesting to note how much a logo is implanted in our brain that we can still read the logo without there being any text. check out these, we'll start with one that's very dear to me

its also interesting to note, in only one of these paintings the graphic element represents the main product of the company, the rest of them show the undeniable power of a strong brand and / or strong marketing or both. i mean come on, a red star with a white stroke on a green square and all of a sudden you think beer, its kinda crazy when you think about it. 
how many can you recognise?

i highly recommend you visit dorothy here, they have some amazing stuff on their site.