creative rolls


ever wondered what to do with the empty cardboard tube of a toilet roll? chances are if you older then 10 you usually throw them away or put the in a hamster cage, either way not making full use of what could be. french artist anastassia elias pondered over that very same predicament and come up with a brilliant solution. take a look at these little beauties
the title of this particular project is paper cuts, which leads me to believe that she slices the tube open, as you can see above and then cuts the fine detail out of either the same tube and folds them up or a different tube and sticks them in, which ever way its done it impressive as hell, i cant see a cut mark or a glue mark anywhere, good work anastassia.
i don’t want to include them all here as that would give you an excuse not to go the anastassia’s site which can be found here, so make sure you toddle over there and take a look, she has plenty of other good stuff over there too. her site is in french but google translate should be able to help you out with that, enjoy. oh here’s one more to wet your appetite further. brilliant

retro social networks

these posters have been created by a brazilian agency called moma, beautifully reimagining how adverts for some of the most popular sites of today might have looked in times good by, apparently the series is called ‘everything ages fast’, take a look
they have brilliantly captured the elements of the posters of yester year. if you know of any more please let me know
here is momas site
if anyone could translate it and tell me more about the project please give me a shout



pavel sidorenko has found a brilliant use for his old vinyl collection, he laser cuts them into awesome designs and creates stunning wall clocks out of them, check them out, ill start with my favourite.

each one is a masterpiece and there are quite a few to choose from. you can buy them over at his site and are very reasonably priced between 30 and 40 euros.
apparently part of this estonians idea is to create functional and playful products that retain there simplicity, that interact with the space and the user, aim achieved as far as im concerned. these things are brilliant! now i can name a few people that i know that would say you shouldn’t do this to a vinyl record and that you should always keep hold of them just in case, but lets face its, what else are you going to do with the remix vinyl of jump by kris kros or that bros album you havent listened to for 2o years
you should check out his site here
and if you would like to buy one of these beauties then you can find them here

inspiration pad

the inspiration pad has taken a simple object and given it a little imagination. created by an artist from belgium called marc thomasset this is just brilliant. for those moments when you need a little inspirational help, this may be exactly what you have been looking for
found on the behance network here
the artists website can be found here
and if your looking to by one of these you may want to look here

my 100 cardboards

just a textually short post today, but on rich with images of something that was just too good to not post, short because after some time searching the vast internets, i couldnt find anything more on the artist than his name and location. so here is the “my 100 cardboards” exhibition by german artist berni valenta. berni has created 100 faces using mostly what seems to be old carboard boxes, some paint and some markers. each different each with its own personality, some you will recognise, some you wont, but you should enjoy them all.
i like to think that these little guys adorn each and every wall in berni’s house, but i dont think thats the case. but in anycase i think youll agree these are very cool, here is a link to the artist behance site and heres and link to his flickr account.
how many can you name? which are your favourites? if you can find out any more information on the artist please let me know, until that timelets just enjoy them, i think my favourite might be the stormtrooper, the lego man or the smoking gorilla.