one big tank

if you have the joy of stepping into the hotel radisson blu in berlin at any point you would be awe struck by what confronted you, this little beauty..
this my friends is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built and its smack bang in the centre of the hotel, know as an aquadom it is 25m tall and contains about 900,000l of seawater and around 2600 fish of 56 species, and is now very high up on my places to go list.
there is a slow elevator ride in the centre of the aquarium which would appear to give you ample time to photograph the people swimming around the tank, if that’s their job, i want to know what the job title is and where i can apply.
if anyone has had the pleasure of visiting this place feel free to leave a comment or link through to your pictures it would be great to see more images, as there doesn’t appear to be that many online, although some of the ones in peoples flickr accounts are brilliant, as seen here.
if anyone has seen it could they confirm if the people are in the tank 24 hrs a day thank you
originally seen here
radisson site here

el jefe design

a couple of weeks ago, we went to see the gaslight anthem on a sunny thursday manchester evening, they where awesome and played the longest encore i have ever heard, 8 songs in total i think, but possibly more including baba o’riley by the who. while the at the merch stall we saw this poster.
2 colour screen printed and running on full awesome, this was a definate purchase, after a small incident with the merch man in which jane threatened him that if he sold out of them very bad things would happen to him, we decided to buy and risk creasing. all turned out well and this is now framed and in pride of place on the wall, on the bottom of the poster is a little note to where the poster was created, el jefe design
turns out el jefe design is a brilliant design agency, covering all the bases that agencies do but their selection of posters is truely incredible, they did a whole selection of posters for gaslight and brian fallon, some for dinosaur jr, some for the black lips, henry rollins and many more. so without more of my waffling, heres some artwork.
think youll agree these are pretty impressive, i could literally just keep inserting images until i have copied pretty much the entire site, but why dont you take a click over to the web site here and have a look for yourself. 
thank you
p.s. sorry for the late post

arachnophobics beware

in fact you can actually rest easily as this isnt the work of some giant man eating spider but the work of viennese / croatian design collective called “for use”.  using only packing tape they have created this incredible installation which is to be part of berlins internation design fair.
these huge self supporting cocoons have grown in size since their first inception, and are now large enough for members of the public to roam around inside them. orginally based on a idea from a dance performance in which the cocoon envelops the performer as they move between areas of the stage.
for the previous installation created in vienna, the group used nearly 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of tape
these installations are incredible and deserve to be seen by anyone how gets the opportunity, so if your in the centre of frankfurt in september they intend to create one in a public space, so keep your eyes peeled. until the heres a video of the collective creating the installation above.
hope you enjoy

alt 1977

this is brilliant, alex varanese has taken modern day technology and reimagined it as if it where made and advertised in 1977, to stunning effect he has recreated adverts for an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld game system and entitled the project alt 1977.
with an amazing use of colour, graphics and font choice he has recaptured the essence of 70s advertising, or at least to me he has as i wasnt around then, maybe someone slightly older could offer an opinion.
every aspect from the faux wood panelling down to the use of colour is perfectly balanced with enough elements of its modern day couterpart for you to draw the connection instantly. the feel of these is brilliant, and makes you wonder what people will think of our cutting edge technology and advertising 30 or 40 years from now, when iphones and laptops are things long forgotten, where do we go from here!
as always click the images to make them bigger.
and heres a link to alexs website, you should take a look this guy has some mad skills